Home Security Plan - Do You Have One?

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pic-of-action-plan-8-19-082Do you have a home security plan for your family?  If you’re like most people, you don’t?  Why should you…crime will never happen to you! It always happens to someone else…the guy down the street…people on the “other” side of town, but not you!

Then how come so many people I meet who have just been burglarized say, “Gee, I never thought I would have a burglary.” Or “I was really thinking of putting in a security system.”

When you are starting to think these types of thoughts…it’s time to do something - to take action to ensure you aren’t the next home burglary/home invasion robbery victim!!  Just do it!

Protect your home with a security system BEFORE this type of crime happens to you and your family!

On my radio program I discussed establishing a Home Security Plan and why it’s so important at this particular time - when crime is rapidly on the rise.


Ron Daniels-Ultimate Lock, 12/04

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Our guest on Lets Talk Home Security radio for 12/04/09 was Ron Daniels, President and inventor of The Ultimate Lock deadbolt system.  The discussion centered around the tremendous increase in home burglary and violent home invasion robbery crimes that are plaguing communities all across our nation.

Listen to the full conversation with Ron Daniels and learn how you can implement a targeted protection strategy that protects the weakest link in your home’s defense - entry door deadbolt systems.  Listen by clicking the radio widget below.

  • It takes the violent home intruder 1.7 seconds to kick in your door…can you respond that quickly to a home invasion? (You want protection that stops an intruder at the gate and buys you time to move to safety, grab your protection, & alert authorities to the crime).
  • Do you have a home security plan that defines what steps you are taking to implement overal security and what to do if a home invasion/home burglary crime happens to you? (If you don’t have a security plan, set one up for your home.  Knowing what to do in an emergency and proactively protecting your home and family should be a No. 1 priority. Click here to learn more.).
  • Is your existing deadbolt a single throw deadbolt? (If you answered YES, you need to upgrade to a deadbolt locking system designed to protect your door with ultimate security).
  • Does your deadbolt protect your home from the latest crime - lock bumping or key bumping by home intruders? (Most deadbolts are easy to get through using this simple strategy that criminals are learning from the internet. You can’t even tell there was a breakin through your door only that your home has been ripped off). 

As part of the Holiday Special  The Ultimate Lock can be purchased for $179.95, that’s a$50 savings.  If you purchase (2) Ultimate Locks the price is $299.95 + free shipping.  That’s an even bigger savings.

To learn more about The Ultimate Lock and purchase your “gift of security“, go to www.TheUltimateLock.com.

Get a FREE security system ($850/value) with only a $99* installation fee and 24/7 monitoring service by ADT.  Just call 866-755-6137 and a professional security representative can assist with your security concerns.  Or you can CLICK HERE.

*Basic security system package.


Capt. Dan Gebo, Mishawaka PD, 11/24

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My guest on Lets Talk Home Security radio, Tuesday, 11-24-09, will bepolice-siren-911r-11-18 Captain Dan Gebo, Mishawaka Police Department, Mishawaka, IN.  With the holiday season officially kicking off on Black Friday, November 27th, the discussion will center on personal safety while shopping at the mall, safety & security while out and about this holiday season, and making your home less of a target for holiday Grinch home burglars.

Captain Gebo has been a police officer for 17 years spending five of those years with the St. Joseph County Police Department, South Bend, IN working in the jail division and the narcotics bureau.  As a Captain with the Mishawaka PD, he has been a patrol officer and is currently in charge of community relations and the Street Crime Unit (SCU).   Before starting his law enforcement career Capt. Gebo served 4+ years in the US Army - 82nd Airborne Division, Ft. Bragg, NC.  During that time he served one tour in the Gulf War.

Capt Gebo states that one of the main reasons he became a police officer is to help people and serve the community he lives in.  And he enjoys his job!!  (This is the type of officer we hope every city has).   Be sure to check out his recommended site to keep you updated on crime within your neighborhoods - www.nixle.com.

When I contacted Capt Gebo about the interview and told him the topic I wanted to discuss, he indicated he was doing a presentation early Friday morning with local businesses of the shopping mall discussing the same topic - Holiday Shopping Personal Safety.  This interview will reiterate the need for all of us to be more proactive about our personal safety and home security - especially during the holiday season.

Join us on Tuesday, 11-24-09 at 9:00 a.m. EST/6:00 a.m. PST by calling (646) 727-3396 or online at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/letstalkhomesecurity.

Stay safe this holiday season!

Holiday Security-Getting Prepared

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On Friday the 13th Cheryl Watterson, Radio Host of Lets Talk Home Security will talk about getting prepared for the Holiday Season.  This is normally a time of GIVING to those we love and care about - but it is also a time for TAKING by those who are low-life criminal thugs.

We will discuss 10 ways to avoid becoming a home invasion robbery victim and some holiday safety tips.  When there is a violent storm heading in your direction, what do you do?  You would get prepared and implement ways to protect your home and family from the storm.

You may want to consider the holiday criminals like the “storm” and get your home prepared by implementing some optimum protection strategies and build a safety net within and around your home.

Be sure to get my updated Free Report - Home Invasion Prevention @ www.homeinvasionfreereport.com or www.letstalkhomesecurity.com.

Join us on Friday, 11-13-09, at 10:00 a.m.  Call in number (646) 727-3396 or join us online @ http://www.blogtalkradio.com/letstalkhomesecurity.

AAA-Safety First.com - 10/30/09

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My guest on Lets Talk Home Security, Friday, 10-30-09, was Jack Krohn, President of AAA-Safety First, an online business specializing in personal protection and camera surveillance systems.

Our primary conversation was to learn about web cameras and video surveillance camera systems and how they can keep the homeowner alert to what is going on in and around their home 24/7.

I especially like the fact that the latest webcam/video systems can be set up to allow the homeowner to view each designated cameras using their laptop, computer, or the cell phones.  That is great technology!

To listen in on the interview with Jack Krohn, AAA-SafetyFirst.com, click the radio widget below:

Jack indicated he would give a 10% discount off any camera system ordered by just entering the following discount code:  FTV at checkout. 

Here are the links to the camera systems we discussed:



Having a video surveillance camera is just another way of being able to know what is going on in and around your home 24/7 .  A camera system combined with your security system can prove to be a highly effective home security strategy.

If you haven’t already done so, take action and start your home protection today!! 

Get a copy of the FREE REPORT-“HOME INVASION   PREVENTION @ www.homeinvasionfreereport.com





FrontPoint Security, 10/23/09

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On Friday, 10-23-09, Lets Talk Home Security radio host Cheryl Watterson interviewed Peter Rogers, Founder and Chief Operating Officer of FrontPoint Security.

FrontPoint Security is the leading nationwide provider of wireless, interactive DIY alarm systems.  FrontPoint combines next generation alarm technology, unrivaled simplicity, and an amazing commitment to service to create a truly unique customer experience.

When you listen to the audio interview, you’ll learn about the home security products and some interesting features that FrontPoint’s 24/7 monitoring services offer.  In particular-the cellular backup system that is built right into the control panel - adding a tremendous benefit of phone line integrity; the interactive  monitoring which alerts the homeowner via cell phone when certain functions that are pre-programmed happen in your home; and video - web cameras that can be setup to monitor activity in and around your home.

Again, I would like to thank Peter Rogers of FrontPoint Security for taking the time to let our audience learn about his company and the security products they offer.

To learn more about FrontPoint Security and how you can purchase their security system for your home, go to www.frontpointsecurity.com.

Cheryl Watterson, Radio Host, 10-09

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On Friday, 10-09-09, Lets Talk Home Security host Cheryl Watterson will be talking about how to implement optimum protection strategies that will make your apartment a safer and more well-protected place to live.  Apartments can be one of the easiest “residences” to break into - for many reasons.  We will talk about what people can do to to avoid being a victim of an apartment home invasion and some “secret” defensive measures to make your apartment a very difficult target to break into.

Interview with Mark Kramer, Kramer Properties in South Bend, Indiana.  Mark does a tremendous job in providing his apartments, townhomes, and residential properties with home security protection and added security services.  Listen in and see what puts Kramer Properties’ apartments ahead of typical apartment complexes:


Be sure to join us Friday, 10-09-09, at 10:00 a.m EDT/7:00 a.m. PDT.  You can listen to the show via telephone at (646) 727-3396 or online at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/letstalkhomesecurity.

Cheryl Watterson, Radio Host, 10-02

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cheryl-rOn Friday, October 2, 2009, Lets Talk Home Security radio host Cheryl Watterson spent the radio time answering FAQ’s - Frequently Asked Questions that had been submitted by her audience.

If you want to educate yourself about home alarm systems - what type of equipment, price, or company to consider - listen to the radio program below.  Many questions that are on the minds of thousands of homeowners who are looking to protect their home and family have been answered.

Because time was limited we weren’t able to get to all of the questions.  Check the link below for a full list of FAQ’s and answers.

CLICK HERE - FAQ’s On Protecting Your Home

Remember, stay safe and protect your home and family!

Phil Messina, Modern Warrior, 9-25

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On Friday, 9-25-09, 10:00 a.m. EDT/7:00 a.m. PDT, Cheryl Watterson, LTHS Radio Host, will interview Phil Messina, (retired Sgt. NYPD) and owner of  Modern Warrior, a training facility located in Lindenhurst, New York, that teaches practical application self-defense and is recognized world wide as a leader in realistic and practical Defensive Tactics Training. 

We’ll talk with Phil about the self-defense training he offers that is specifically designed for home invasion victims and those who want to proactively learn to protect and defend themselves against this type of criminal attack.  (Watch video below of training excerpt-Video Courtesy of MyFoxNY.com). 

The newest addition to the Modern Warrior training facility is the Indoor Simulator Room.  This room has several typical rooms filled with foam furniture for safely training against an attack that may come at any point during the day.  Learn to fight off a home invasion in your bedroom.  Fight off a rapist in your living room.  Stop an irate client in our foam furniture office.

Join our show on Friday, 9-25-09 at 10:00 a.m. EDT/7:00 a.m. PDT and learn what Phil Messina, Modern Warrior has to say about protecting yourself in your own home against a home invasion intruder.

The radio Call-in number (646) 727-3396 or you can listen online @ http://www.blogtalkradio.com/letstalkhomesecurity.

Be Proactive - Protect Your Home & Family Today!

Protect Your Home with a FREE Home Security System  ($850 Value). You pay only $99 Installation Fee + 24-Hour ADT Monitoring Services.  Call  866-755-6137 or Click Here to go to the website.

Get a copy of the FREE REPORT-“HOME INVASION PREVENTION” @ www.homeinvasionfreereport.com

Steven Mosely, Combat Hard Fitness

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pic_of_cheryl_w-thumbnail2Cheryl Watterson, Radio Host, will interview Steven Mosely, Head Coach and Co-Founder of Combat Hard Fitness and Fighting, LLC, on Lets Talk Home Security - Friday, September 18, 2009 at 10:00 a.m. EDT/7:00 a.m. PDT.  Pencil in the date, time and call-in number (646) 727-3396.  You can also listen online @ www.blogtalkradio.com/letstalkhomesecurity.

Steven Mosely has also been involved in firearms and defensive tactics instruction for over 20 years.  He holds a first-degree black belt in Chinese Kenpo Karate, Filipino Kali and is a Senior Instructor under the British Combat Association.  He is also an Apprentice Instructor in Filipino Martial Arts & Jun Fan Gun Fu under Guro Dan Inosanto. 


What we will primarily discuss with Steven is the recent training he conducted on Home Firearm Safety & Basic Pistol CourseWith the tremendous rise in home burglary/violent home invasion robbery crimes more homeowners have begun purchasing firearms in increasing numbers. 

One thing I always recommend to those thinking of purchasing a firearm is make sure you are fully trained in how to use the firearm - especially if you have never owned or fired a weapon before.

Steven will review what his course covers, why it is so important to keep firearm safety a main priority in your home, and how to safely test out shooting a gun for those with little or no firearm experience.

If we can squeeze in some Gutterfighting USA techniques, we’ll try to get that in also.  Checkout Steven’s website for some great self-defense, firearm safety, and fighting tips @ http://gutterfightingusa.wordpress.com/

Be sure to join the show Friday, 9-18-09, 10:00 a.m. EDT/7:00 a.m. PDT.  Call in # (646) 727-3396 - listen online @ www.blogtalkradio.com/letstalkhomesecurity.


Get a copy of the FREE REPORT-“HOME INVASION PREVENTION” @ www.homeinvasionfreereport.com









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